Welcome to DanylkoWeb

DanylkoWeb is meant to be a resource for learning about mobile, responsive, and web technologies using Microsoft stack and to help others write quick, efficient code.

These blog posts are experiences, techniques, and patterns I've learned over 30 years of development. Even though I've learned a lot, I still have a lot more to learn and I'm always looking for better ways to write code.

I wanted to provide a collection of posts so any developer can start writing code, view real-world examples, and advance their career.

The problem with my previous designs is the majority of my posts were buried. New people visiting the site don't know what's been discussed and what hasn't.

Over the years, I've been asked by developers if something could be done. After analyzing it, I would write a blog post and present it to my readers. I've been given a congrats, thank you's, or been scolded for the way I've written code.

So consider the list of posts below as a "Greatest Hits" of DanylkoWeb.








I also wanted to say thank you to my readers. Without you, DanylkoWeb wouldn't exist.

Code on, people...Code on!

Jonathan Danylko
Founder of DanylkoWeb.com