Top Newsletters for ASP.NET Developers

How do you keep up with all of the .NET news? Today, we review some top newsletters that provide the best .NET coverage to developers.

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It's always been a struggle to keep up with what's going on in the .NET community especially since .NET is now cross-platform, Azure constantly changing, and new JavaScript frameworks arriving daily.

How can you keep up with everything?

Luckily, .NET community members curate news so the .NET developers are always well-informed as to what's happening next.

Today, I want to showcase these curators of .NET links so it's a win-win for everyone: They'll receive more subscribers and you receive more ASP.NET content to keep you informed. ;-)

ASP.NET Weekly

Curator: Jerrie Pelser
Subscribers: 3,539 (as of this post)
Subscribe At:

Jerrie Pelser has been curating ASP.NET content for a while.

He focuses primarily on blog posts, videos, and code samples. He always finds great content from the ASP.NET community.

Don't be fooled though. Even though he has over 3,000 subscribers, he didn't grow all of them in his 11 issues from July of this year on He recently switched over to a new mail provider and brought his subscribers over with him.

Sample Newsletter:

dotNet Weekly

Curator: Bill Stavroulakis
Subscribers: 2,920 (at the time of this post)
Subscribe at:

Along with ASP.NET Weekly, we also have dotNet Weekly, a newsletter curated by Bill Stavroulakis.

dotNet Weekly has been focusing on blog posts and videos every week since 2012.

Sample Newsletter:

MSDN Flash Newsletter

Curator: Microsoft
Subscribers: Unknown
Subscribe at:

Who better to send you news about ASP.NET than the company who created it.

MSDN Flash Newsletter is a bi-weekly newsletter making developers aware of news, events, and information.

Sample Newsletter:

ASP.NET Community

Curator: Microsoft
Subscribers: Unknown
Subscribe at: (through RSS feeds)

While this isn't a curated newsletter, it has the most centralized ASP.NET content I've seen on the Internet.

The ASP.NET Community is one page containing such content as blog posts, videos, latest NuGet packages, MSDN code samples, and Azure tips and tricks.

If you examine the page, you'll see the RSS symbols. Copy that Url (like the one below) into your favorite Feed Reader (like Feedly) and you have your own newspaper to read in the morning.

Sample Content:

The MS Dev Stack Insider

Curator: Samuel Beauvois
Subscribers: Unknown
Subscribe at: (through RSS feeds)

Speaking of a newspaper, Samuel Beauvois curates all of his content into a newspaper format using and calls his newsletter The MS Dev Stack Insider.

However, one drawback to is that it only holds newsletters for one month. I tried to look at the archives and it only went back one month. updates are sent through Twitter and go quick (every 12 hours it updates), but once you have the URL, you can hold onto it for a month.

Sample Newsletter:

UPDATE: Build Azure

Curator: Chris Pietschmann
Subscribers: Unknown
Subscribe at:

I've mentioned before how hard it is to keep up with the cloud and all of Azure updates.

Mr. Pietschmann let's the world know about how many updates, blog posts, videos, events are occurring when it comes to Azure through his newsletter.

Every week, his newsletter is a treasure trove of content (scrolling, scrolling...when does this thing stop?) has A TON of information to wade through. His newsletter is probably the most comprehensive collection of Azure-specific links I've seen...

...and that includes Microsoft.

Sample Newsletter:

BONUS: The Web Weekly Newsletter

Curator: Dan Whalin
Subscribers: Unknown
Subscribe at:

According to his newsletter list, Dan Whalin focuses on front-end technologies and been going strong since 2013.

His newsletter has the latest on JavaScript, HTML5, AngularJS, and CSS.

Sample Newsletter: Web Weekly Newsletter


In today's post, I wanted to give a shout-out to those who scour the web every day and/or week to find the best content for their readers.

I want to say thank you for your efforts with your curated content in your newsletters.

It's simply overwhelming what you guys (and gals) find on the web.

It's just amazing the ratio of learning how to do something compared to the amount of information released daily is enough for a developer's head to spin.

It's hard to keep up on everything, but if our curators find the best content pertaining to our craft, we can implement those techniques providing the best software solutions from the development community.

Was there a newsletter I missed? Do you have a favorite? Post your comments and let's discuss below.

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