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The Complete Guide To Google AMP with ASP.NET MVC

Since there wasn't a complete guide to implementing Google AMP pages, today, I provide a guide on how to incorporate Google AMP pages using ASP .NET MVC.

Written by Jonathan Danylko • Last Updated: • MVC •
Tablet with Google Search Engine

Since the beginning of this journey, I've taken Google AMP specifications and integrated them into DanylkoWeb.

This is kind of a backwards way to write a series of posts, but this post you're reading is considered to be an introduction to the list of posts I wrote over a span of four months.

The posts detail my journey to create a Google AMP-compliant website using ASP.NET MVC and the techniques I used to accommodate Google in their mobile endeavors.

Instead of writing all of these posts and scatter them across my site, I thought it would be better to create a "guide" for building your own AMP pages based on my efforts.

So let's get this collection kicked off with Creating Google AMP pages with ASP.NET MVC.

The Complete Guide To Google AMP with ASP.NET MVC

UPDATE: I also want to thank my readers for the link pointing to AMP By Example. Great Resource!

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