Do you freelance?

Yes, I do. I've been programming for over 30 years. For more details about what I've done in the past, check out the About Me page.

How do you pronounce this web site?

If I had a nickel every time someone asked me that, I would be a rich guy. Don't be embarassed if you don't know. Just ask...I'm used to it. It's pronounced (Dan-Yell-Ko) or (Dan-el-ko)

What's with the Vans/shoes?

Anyone who has known me for a long time will understand that I have always loved Vans. I wore them when I was in high school and I wear them to this day. Looking for a pair yourself? They have some great designs and you can make your own designs on the Vans website. Eventually, I would like to get other images of things that I personally like on the site.

Why did you build DanylkoWeb?

I built DanylkoWeb because:

  • For my readers to learn from my corporate, personal, and business IT experiences to further their own endeavors in an IT field.
  • I've always been passionate about programming and writing code since I was 11 with my Commodore VIC-20.
  • Provide real-world projects and code to demonstrate best practices.
  • Finally, I wanted a "homebase" on the Internet. This is my hub to other locations and projects on the Internet.

So where are DCS-Media's posts?

Since the site is down, I've transferred all of the content (except comments) over to DanylkoWeb and built an eBook of the best posts from DCS-Media. If you are interested in receiving it for free, sign up to get Vol. 1 of Legacy Code(r).

What do you mean "Code Exorcist?"

I mean...I remove "demons" from code whether it be mine or someone else's code! Basically, I take bad, smelly, dead code and refactor it/revive it by removing the horrible, "demonic" code. :-) I have always had a fascination with patterns and refactoring since the Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code book. For more real-world refactorings, check out my Collection of Refactorings.

What tools do you use for programming?

Glad you asked. I built a special section called Resources where I list all of the tools that I use for development/design/deployment.

What happened to DCS-Media?

There are a couple of reasons that DCS-Media went down.

  1. DCS Media was strictly for clients and introducing better ways to use technology to grow their business
  2. It was an old website that needed updated with my new CMS
  3. It was about time to mark my territory on the web with my own website.