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Be Competitive...Frugally

As a developer, it's always a good idea to stay ahead of the curve when building websites. There are two types of "always" in this industry:

  • Technology is "always" changing.
  • You "always" want to be competitive.

But sometimes, as a developer, it's not "always" easy to find good deals across the Internet.

This is why I provide affiliate links to my readers.

Yes, Affiliate Links

These are affiliate links. When you click these links and purchase something, I will receive a small percentage of the sale.

I like to provide affiliate links to my readers for a couple of reasons:

  • These are products I've purchased and stand behind them.
  • I want to give my readers some great deals on products that I use.
  • Affiliate links pay me a small commission when my readers click on links allowing me to keep the lights on each month.

I'm always updating this page based on deals I receive from the companies listed below.

When I receive these deals, I pass them onto my readers.

  • Bluehost web hosting (aff. link)

    Considered one of the best web hosting companies on the Internet, Bluehost is also great for Microsoft-based websites. They provide deals on a regular basis. 

    • Get Web Hosting for only $3.95/month

      Every developer needs a home on the web. I've even called this your "hub." Everything should trace back to YOUR website, not LinkedIn, not Twitter. YOUR website.

      Bluehost provides ASP.NET capabilities for web hosting and at $3.95/month, it's cheaper and better service than other hosting companies I've worked with.

      No coupon code is required. Grab your domain and start hosting your site on Bluehost.

      • Offer Good From: Saturday, November 23, 2019 until Wednesday, November 30, 2050
      • None at this time

      Get Web Hosting for only $3.95/month (affiliate link)
      Go to Deal » (affiliate link)
  • Acorns - Grow Your Oak (aff. link)

    I've been using Acorns for the last 3 months and I like how it works. It takes whatever you spent and rounds up to whatever denomination you desire (closest $1 for example) and invests the "round-ups."

    I look at Acorns as a "modern-day penny jar" without the counting and investing. I wouldn't recommend it if I wasn't using it.

  • APress Books (aff. link)

    I have always loved APress books. "For Developers, By Developers" is their mantra. They're even considered one of my top three book publishers. With APress, their deals don't come around as often as I'd like, but when they do, I make sure I grab enough eBooks to load up even Google Drive.

  • Dashlane Password Manager (aff. link)

    Dashlane is my go-to Password Manager. My Dashlane review even discusses why it's become one of the best password managers out there. Now for a deal: if you decide to go with Dashlane, I receive $20 towards a Premium account, but SO DO YOU. Everyone makes out.

  • EBates (aff. link)

    As developers, we all want to save money, but did you know when you sign up to EBates, you get $10 immediately?! Not too bad to start saving money on other websites like travel and hotels. Start saving with EBates.

  • Fiverr Services (aff. link)

    Fiverr is becoming well-known for a community that provides services for at least $5. I've even asked a number of Fiverr's to create a logo for me and I've received some solid recommendations and selected one. When selecting someone, I would recommend examining their previous work and recommendations. Overall, it's a great micro-economy for freelancers.

  • Fiverr.com (aff. link)

    In this industry, there are a number of sites offering micro-services. One of these sites emerging as a winner is Fiverr.com. I even asked the Fiverr community to create me a logo for the redesign last year. If you need someone to cross off a to-do list item to make your life easier, Fiverr.com offers a ton of services to get it done.

  • GoDaddy Web Hosting (aff. link)

    I've been using GoDaddy for a very long time. I consider them one of the better web hosting companies and they've never done me wrong.

  • Honey (aff. link)

    Honey is a little bit different from the other saving-money sites. Honey hunts for codes on specific sites that actually work and save you money! Join Honey and you'll immediately get $5 towards your next purchase! Add the Chrome extension and you'll never be too far away from a deal code.

  • HostGator Web Hosting (aff. link)

    HostGator provides the best web hosting on the Internet, but what separates them from other web hosting sites? Their prices. They provide the most competitive prices. But the best news is once in a while, they provide a tremendous deal for new customers.

  • MAGIX Software and VEGAS Creative Software (aff. link)

    Previously known as Sony Vegas Pro, this is my primary tool for creating videos personally and professionally. The awesome part about this software is that it was built using .NET (check out a sample piece of code). With the software under new management (MAGIX), they provide great deals on some extraordinary software.

  • MOO Cards (aff. link)

    When I give out my MOO business cards, I've received nothing but compliments on the design and sturdiness of them. Lately, MOO cards have been sending out some great deals and even when they don't, you still make out with a great product.

  • Newegg (aff. link)

    I've always tinkered with hardware and used Newegg for my hardware needs. One of my computers was built by purchasing components from Newegg.

    They are one of the best hardware companies on the Internet in range of price, quality, and efficiency.

  • O'Reilly Books (aff. link)

    As I mentioned before, O'Reilly is one of my favorite publishers. They offer discounts on conferences, videos, and books.

  • Pluralsight (aff. link)

    If you want to learn the latest in technology, a new programming technique, or even learn about the cloud, there's no better place to do it than Pluralsight. Their courses are built by professionals in their field and provide the most detailed and thorough courses I've seen. So for $30/month for unlimited courses, it just makes sense to feed your brain to the max.

  • SurfShark VPN (aff. link)

    I JUST (Nov-19) signed up for SurfShark for four reasons during the Black Friday sale:

    • Award-Winning VPN
    • 83% off for a Black Friday deal (2021)
    • I'm good for 2 years
    • An additional 3 months free

    Paid $100 for 2 years which is a solid investment when it comes to security and piece-of-mind.

  • TeamViewer remote support (aff. link)

    If you are looking to assist remote users with setting up their laptop, TeamViewer allows you to control another user's laptop...WITH THEIR PERMISSION. In my review, I have not come across another piece of software easier to install and use than TeamViewer.

  • ThinkGeek - Join in. Geek out. (aff. link)

    ThinkGeek always has the best toys for the geeky. They also have some awesome desk toys, geeky gadgets, and rockin' T-Shirts...and all are usually on sale.

  • Udemy.com (aff. link)

    Udemy.com provides the best courses for one small price. One course is usually less than ten dollars, but based on reviews, they provide the best value. I even wrote an ASP.NET MVC Tutorial for their site.