Server2Go: Is that a web server in your pocket?

A portable Web Server is definitely the greatest thing for Web Designers/Developers.

Last Updated: December 11th, 2007 • Develop •

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Portability has always been a big factor for my virtual office so when I first heard of Server2Go, I realized developers and designers are moving more towards having everything within arms reach for their development/designer needs.

Imagine having all of your development tools with you. You walk into a clients office, get their requirements and objectives, plug in your USB stick and create a quick prototype of what they're looking for ("Is this what you had in mind? Good. We'll take this back to the office and continue from here.")

Server2Go can be installed on a USB stick or a CD-ROM. For those who don't know what the WAMP stands for: (W)indows, (A)pache, (m)ySQL, and (P)HP.

Perfect for the devigner on the go. I just wish they had an ASP.NET version. :-)

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