How to create a TiVo clone, Part II - Windows Software

Part one focused on using Linux software. Part II was spawned by a user who posted a comment on Part one's chatterbox.

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A user recently posted a message in the discussion of my How to create a TiVo clone post about creating a TiVo using Windows software as opposed to the Linux path.

The two individuals who built TiVo's with me purchased the same hardware. They went down the Windows path. With me, though, I went the cheap route with Linux. If you have the funds, go with Windows.

Keep in mind, though, I have not used any of these software based solutions, but recommend the hardware sites. With that said, let's get on with some links.

Articles based on building a Windows TiVo


Open Source TiVo/PVR solutions

  • Meedio - Open Source Solution purchased by Yahoo! (I think it's still free)
  • GB-PVR - Not Open Source, but not Donationware. If you develop, you can create your own plugins using C#, VB.NET, and C++. Nice touch.
  • MediaCenter - The Open Source Media Center.

Commercial Software

I hope I've provided enough information about building Windows-based TiVos. If not, post a message below and we'll see where it takes us. Heck, that's what spawned this post. :-)

Thanks TG for the comment. :-)


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