Christmas Gift and Holiday Ideas from 2020

With Black Friday and Christmas right around the corner, it's time to find some great technology gifts for everyone in the family.

Christmas Cookies

I know there are still some die-hard shoppers out there who usually can't wait until Black Friday to be trampled to get that absolutely drop-dead deal!

For those who love sleep more than stampedes, it's sometimes better to let the Internet do the work for you.

Every year, I scour the Internet and find unique (and not-so-unique) Christmas gifts for people who love technology!

These holiday gifts are for the non-techies looking to buy techie tech for techies (did that make ANY sense!).

What I mean to say is if you have a family member that is, let's say, technology-handicapped, and doesn't know how to reboot their phone, or doesn't know a Gigabyte from a megapixel, this may be the Christmas list for him or her who are technology-oriented family members. Christmas Gifts for Him, Her, Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son...even the family pet.

I've been building these Christmas gift and holiday idea lists since the start of DanylkoWeb, so if you can't find anything on this list of gift ideas, there are 150 more Christmas gift ideas you can browse through to find that special gift.

Finding Technology Deals for Christmas Gifts

One of the best ways to find deals online is to use technology. To find those outrageous sales, here are some of my favorite tools to use.

Honey (Honey Affiliate Link)

Honey is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to assist in finding you the best deals on the Internet.

Once Honey finds these deals, it automatically applies those deals to your order using a specific promotion code.

All you have to do is checkout.

Sidenote: Just to show how popular Honey is, I recently mentioned in my newsletter where Paypal just acquired Honey for $4B .

eBates (Rakuten Affiliate Link)

eBates is a little different from Honey. While it's still a browser extension, it gives you a percentage of your purchase back.

Think of it as a rebate that you don't have to send through mail...hence the name. ;-) Once you reach a certain threshold, they will send you, what they call, a big fat check. As a matter of fact, they recently sent me a check for $157 because of a vacation I took with my family and a software upgrade.

Dev Deals

For the entrepreneurial freelancer, I keep a list of the latest deals from brands I use almost everyday. These brands are companies I stand behind and provide reviews on some of them as well (like Dashlane and other freelance services).

Depending on the season, they provide me with some great deals for developers and entrepreneurs alike, and with Black Friday and Christmas sneaking up, there will be a large number of deals arriving on this page.

Amazon Price Trackers (Keepa / CamelCamelCamel)

With Amazon prepping for the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas season, it's ALWAYS a good idea to keep track of prices on a product's financial roller-coaster.

Price Trackers allow you to monitor and notify you when a certain product drops (or rises) in price during the holiday season or any other time of the year.

The one I use the most is It's a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera supported) that appears when you visit a product detail page on Amazon. A chart appears displaying the product's price history. They also have a premium service to notify you when you absolutely need to know when the price drops.

CamelCamelCamel is another price tracker to assist with your shopping endeavors. I didn't realize they also watch hotel prices.

2020 Christmas Gift and Holiday Guide

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I hope these Christmas Gift and Holiday Ideas provide a great list for your friends and family members who are technologists.

If you could also share this Christmas List with friends and family, I would appreciate it.