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Looking for a way to assist users in a remote location? TeamViewer is the leader in this space and who I consider to be the new VNC for our time.

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Every once in a while, you may get a call from a relative or parent asking if you can look at their computer and find out what's wrong with it. You may have no problem with fixing it, but there is a problem.  

You live 1000 miles away from them.

It's not like you can jump in the car and head over to their house.

If the problem isn't that extreme (they can't turn on their computer) and they can connect to the Internet, then you may be able to use TeamViewer to help them remotely.

Introducing TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a two-fold product. TeamViewer allows remote control of a computer anywhere on the Internet and also gives the ability to conduct presentations, products, and solutions remotely.

TeamViewer supports Windows, Linux and Apple as well as iPhone, iPad, and on Android devices. Quite a versatile set of platforms that TeamViewer supports.

The software also supports 30 languages, AES 256-bit and RSA 1024-bit encryption, and has one of the fastest installation-to-connection setup I have ever seen.


The installation of TeamViewer is simple. There is a big, green download button on the site for private use. Both parties need TeamViewer installed on their computers and/or devices to get the full benefit of the software.   

When you install TeamViewer, it asks if you will be using this software for Personal, Commercial use, or both.

TeamViewer Use Type

After selecting your use of TeamViewer, it asks you for your installation type. The second option allows you to set up TeamViewer as a "headless" machine that will always run when you reboot your machine. This will allow TeamViewer to always be on so you can access it from anywhere at anytime.

TeamViewer Installation Type

The first installation option is what most people select when starting out. This will allow incoming and outgoing connections, but you need TeamViewer running for the machine to connect successfully.

We have liftoff!

For a standard connection to occur, both users need TeamViewer running. On first run, TeamViewer will display a two-paneled dialog box.

The left panel is for an individual allowing incoming connections which can only be accepted by a verbal authorization. They tell the person on the other end to enter their user code and password. The connecting person enters the user code and password and a connection is made.

Please note: the person connected to the PC has complete control. It is the closest thing you will get to sitting down remotely at that computer. So make sure that the person on the other end is a trusted individual.

How can this help my business?

The business part of TeamViewer gets a little pricey. The following are the pricing levels for buying a copy of TeamViewer:

  • Business - $749 - up to 15 users connected at a time.
  • Premium - $1,499 - up to 25 users connected at a time.
  • Corporate - $2,839 - up to 25 users connected at a time, but includes priority support.

For a small business or mobile traveler, even the $749 may be a bit costly, but the good news is that this is not a subscription for a month or a year. This is the price of the software for a one-time cost and the software is yours. For more details on the pricing, check the TeamViewer Pricing page.

When you purchase TeamViewer, it's yours. The only limitation of the software is the hidden amount of ideas that you can apply to your business:

  • If you have remote employees, you can use TeamViewer to have up to 25 people connect at one time for a status meeting every day/week/month.
  • You can set up a training session for your remote employees.
  • Conduct a webinar for a select-few of trusted beta-users.

These are just three of the ways that you can present yourself through TeamViewer. I'm sure there are many other ideas on how to get yourself out there.

If you have a need to send large files to another party, there is also an option for File Transfer on the startup screen as well. Definitely a side benefit, but good to know just in case you need to transfer a 2GB file securely. 


Overall, I would definitely recommend TeamViewer to businesses that are looking for ways to improve support for a product or trying to get their name out there by doing a Webinar to a small select group. The software definitely gives users a great way to connect remotely to other computers provided you can swing the one-time price for the software.

Along with the support for multiple platforms and it's file transfer abilities, this makes TeamViewer a great tool for remote businesses and mobile entrepreneurs.


Rating: 4/5


TeamViewer provides a multi-platform ability to connect to remote users to provide helpdesk/software support and allow the ability to conduct small-scale training and webinars to remote virtual employees.


  • Quick and easy installation (within 2 minutes)
  • Multiple platforms supported
  • Provides secure File Transfers


  • A little pricey for small businesses.

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