Top 50 Holiday Technology Gift Ideas for 2016

Since this is the week of Black Friday, today, I compiled my holiday Christmas List of 50 gift ideas geared towards technology.

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Presents under the Christmas Tree

Here we are again with another holiday season. I feel like we just had Christmas...not that I'm complaining.

I LOVE Christmas.

And every year, I always post my list of Christmas gift ideas related to technology.

Every year, I gather my Christmas List of 50 items for 2 reasons:

  • If a parent has children (young or old) and they don't know what to get them, I like to think I can provide a list of technology gifts their children would love.
  • Not only do I present these gift ideas to my audience, they are also gifts that *I* would like for know, just in case you hit the lottery, mom and dad. ;-)

Since this is becoming an annual holiday post, I decided to dedicate a section of my site to holiday gift ideas related to technology.

The dedicated section is located at the Christmas Gifts page.

If you are looking for additional Christmas gift ideas or past years of Christmas Gift ideas, here's a list of the previous year's gift ideas.

  • 2014 - 50 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Technology Family
  • 2015 - Top 50 Technology Christmas Gift Ideas for 2015 (with money-saving tips)

If you are looking for an additional way to save money, I would definitely recommend Honey.

Honey is a chrome extension that automatically digs up and applies coupon codes for thousands of online stores.

So when CyberMonday hits, you'll be better prepared for some awesome deals.

Oh, and since Black Friday is around the corner, try not to trample your fellow man while trying to get that big 80-inch screen TV. It's JUST a TV.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

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