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Back in December of 2006, I made five predictions. Let's see how I did...

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Well, it's that time of year again when predictions run rampant, but before I start going off and making really strange predictions, I want to recap my predictions from last year just to find out how I did for my first time.

Post a comment if you think otherwise. :-)


Recap of Prediction #1: VoIP products will become more mainstream - Check

It seems that over the past year, most phone services are moving towards VoIP. When I made this prediction, I was envisioning Internet companies creating additional WiFi hardware phones (like LinkSys), but it seems companies like T-Mobile are getting into the swing of things with VoIP products.

In addition to the telecommunications industry, VoIP is becoming more evident in mobile devices. My recent purchase of a Nokia N800 has Skype built into it. You just need a WiFi connection to make a phone call.

You can't get any more mainstream than this.

Recap Prediction #2: Google will make a significant purchase in 2007 - Check

I know this wasn't too much of a prediction, but I was looking for Google to shock the technology industry by purchasing someone big. There was one purchase, but I didn't think it was big enough.

Then it happened in April.

Google purchased Double-Click for $3.1 billion. Nothing like eliminating all the competition by purchasing them. :-)


Recap Prediction #3: Mobility will become more of a necessity - Half-Check.

This was strictly a gut feeling. Most users can't put a statistic on whether mobility is absolutely required nowadays, but more and more functionality is being injected into every phone so no other device is required.

It seems the world is moving more towards a virtual office approach. It doesn't matter where you are, you can get in touch with someone to talk about business at any time.

Like I mentioned above, my new purchase of a Nokia N800 is definitely a virtual office device and provides enough mobility for me.

What's your take on your mobile device? Can you live a day without it? Do you absolutely have to have it?

Recap Prediction #4: .NET 3.0 won't catch on until 2008 - Minus

It seems .NET is moving faster than ever and developers are taking it in stride. With .NET 3.5 out, I'm hoping Microsoft may take a little breather and let the development community catch their breath as well.

After looking this prediction over, I should've seen this coming. Developers are always hungry for more and always looking for the latest and greatest technology. The more code (or frameworks, in this case) that Microsoft cranks out, the more developers grab it like a piece of meat thrown to a pack of dogs.

I should've made this prediction towards Vista instead of .NET. Vista doesn't seem to be taking off as much as .NET 3.5. ( | Inquirer | CNet)

Right idea, wrong product.


Recap Prediction #5: Firefox will obtain a 30% market share - Check

There are a lot of sites that calculate the market share of a browser. Two are and

The whole idea behind Firefox becoming so popular is the ability to create a custom browser experience for the user either through extensions, custom toolbars, or themes. These features already included in Firefox expand the use of a browser.

I would say that Firefox has definitely grown by leaps and bounds over the past year and I would definitely call this an easy prediction. The growth for next year could grow even more with the release of Firefox 3 coming soon.


Let's look at the scorecard. hmmm...3 out of 5. Not bad. Stay tuned for next years predictions. I'll post something next week for next years predictions.

How did your predictions turn out this year?

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