Where do Programmers Socialize on the Web?

If you are a developer, where do you go online to socialize with fellow developers?

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Today's quick post is meant to be a survey for developers.

Lately, social networks seem to be getting a bad rap lately.

Google+ is sunsetting because of security breach issues.

Facebook has a large mess to clean up because of a dispersal of personal data.

With social media taking a couple punches on the chin, this got me wondering about something:

Where do developers congregate on the web?

Is it Twitter? Maybe Slack? or LinkedIn to discuss business contacts with contracts?

Most developers are considered introverts. They write code while listening to techno/heavy metal music and research their issues on Stack Overflow when they hit a brick wall.

Other than checking their email once in a while, they primarily keep to themselves (or maybe I'm just talking about myself). ;-)

Or maybe you're one of those developers who always is in a Slack channel talking about the latest code you wrote in a project.

Whatever kind of developer you are, no developer is a island.

Programmer Consensus

Today, I'm posting a survey as to where most developers hang out online. The answers could vary from your latest source code repository hangout to your Facebook account.

If you don't see your answer on the list, add a comment to this post. I'm sure other developers want to hear about a new site where they can hang out.

Create your own user feedback survey

If you can't see the survey, click this link to submit your answer.

In the next week, I'll post the results of the survey.

Let me know where you hang out online.

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