Results: Where do developers socialize on the web?

Last week, I asked the question, "Where do developers socialize on the web?" Today, we look at the results.

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In my post last week, I decided to kickoff a week-long community survey on where developers spend most of their time online and where they socialize?

The results were interesting and kind of what I expected.

Survey Results from where do developers socialize on the web?

With Twitter at the top of the list and a tie with GitHub and Reddit, it makes sense since Twitter is the conversationalist in this group, GitHub is where we spend most of our time and store our code, and Reddit is the newspaper of the Internet.

I was shocked LinkedIn, DZone, Google+, and Facebook didn't receive any love.

Hacker News is also a great hangout in my opinion.

Personally, Twitter, Hacker News, and Reddit are my favorite hangouts.

So where do you hang out on the web? Post your comments below and let's discuss it some more.

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