Top 10 Technology Comics on the Web

Everyone wants a good laugh once in a while. Here is a compilation of the 10 best technology comic strips on the web.

Last Updated: March 13th, 2007 • Humor •

Looking for that specific humorous computer comic strip for the office?

I bet you'll find one in here...


  1. ExtraLife - ExtraLife is a great comic making fun of the geek lifestyle and culture. This is one of my favorites technology comics. [sample]

  2. PC Weenies - PC Weenies is hilarious if you're in IT. [sample]

  3. PierceLogic - Three gamers' perspectives about video gaming. [sample]

  4. Staccatto - Staccatto is about a college graduate and his three roommates, a crazy basketball that plays on a gamecube all day, a 90Mhz computer who is trying to take over the world, and a cleaning robot that absolutely hates to clean. [sample]

  5. The Joy Of Tech - Great for a good techie laugh. [sample]

  6. Angst Technology - An office that produces video games with hijinks happening every day. [sample]

  7. Bug Bash - A comic strip dealing strictly with "technology: managing technology, the business of technology, and the odd creatures..." whom we all work with on the team to release technology. :-) [sample]

  8. User Friendly - Another great comic strip that has been "impairing productivity since 1997." [sample]

  9. BLaugh! - The (Un)Official comic of the Blogosphere! [sample]

  10. Dilbert - Our favorite technology geek! [sample]

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