Review: Minimize Your Wallet/Purse with Articulate Products

Articulate Lifestyle seems to be on a streak with their minimalist products. Today, I review one of their existing products and introduce a new member to their product family.

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Articulate Money Clip

A while back, I mentioned how I contributed to some crowdfunded projects and received most of those products through the mail.

One of the manufacturers was Articulate Lifestyle. They focus on one thing and one thing alone...and they are killing it with their accessories.

I purchased one of their products when they had the Indiegogo campaign and I received the Black w/ Beige Wallet. It came in a similar box above, but I'll get to that in a minute.

About a week ago, I stopped using my Articulate Wallet.

Instead, I started using a new product, which I'll get into later, but for now, let's talk about my last product from Articulate Lifestyle.

Black w/beige Wallet from Articulate Lifestyle

They promote all of their accessories with an RFID-blocking technology so your debit and credit cards are safe from being scanned by outside individuals. 

After receiving my wallet, of course, I immediately started using it and tried to make it as thin as possible.

Articulate Wallet

Yeah, I failed.

However, the stitching and Italian leather was definitely a work of art.

Since I received the wallet in May, there has been a little bit of wear around the corners of the bend from active use, but other than that, it's holding up quite well.

The Next Wallet 2.0

While I really liked the Articulate wallet, I felt the need to go even further in minimizing the amount of cards I carried.

In June, I received an email from Articulate mentioning a new product coming out. They were releasing the Articulate Money Clip.

Nice timing, right?

I received the money clip a week ago. After using it for a week, it's definitely better than the wallet and takes up less space.

Articulate Money Clip

Articulate Money Clip

Articulate Money Clip

When I ordered the money clip, it came with a silver clip, but since I ordered early and the campaign was a success, they threw in a black metal clip.

This definitely gave me a smaller wallet with even less to carry around.

Clutch On To This

Ladies, Articulate Lifestyle didn't forget about you.

They released a new product specifically for the ladies: A clutch purse. It looks small and compact enough to hold a lot.

I will have to defer to the ladies on this one, because I don't plan on buying one. :-p


While it is tough to find a small enough wallet, money clip, or clutch purse, it comes down to how much you need to carry with you at all times. Along with being small enough, keep in mind that each accessory comes with an RFID-blocking technology.

I haven't found another small, secure wallet this year, so I am definitely satisfied with their product offerings and based on what I'm experiencing with Articulate products, they all have small pockets all over their products to organize and carry a number of cards with you at all times.

If you have one, post your comment below on how you like them.

Next, we'll discuss certain ways to consolidate your data in your wallet using various websites.

Minimize Your Wallet/Purse Series

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