Nokia Tablets Users: What mobile software do you need the most?

What software do you think is absolutely essential on your Nokia N770/N800/N810?

Last Updated: March 5th, 2008 • Mobile •
Nokia N800

After replacing my Palm T3 with a Nokia N800 and running with a virtual office mentality, I felt like I lost my best friend. Don't get me wrong...I love my Nokia N800, but I've encountered a downside.

The downside is the amount of software available for the Maemo platform. I understand there are over 500 applications in the garage, but without the ability to create an MS Word or Excel document, it kind of hinders the portability concept. I hope the OpenOffice community is prepping something soon.

Anyways, when I had my Palm T3, I had couple of applications that would keep track of my auto mileage, my passwords, my Word and Excel documents, and, of course, some games to pass the time away. Now, I feel a little deprived of software.

I know ACCESS came out with the GarnetVM to work with existing Palm applications on the Maemo platform, but it's like trying to watch a fullscreen movie on a widescreen TV. It just doesn't fit.

Moving from Offline to Online

One thing I'm adjusting to is replacing my offline applications with online applications. Can you even think of an offline application that isn't online?

QuickBooks? Nope, online.

MS Word? Excel?

So I'm wondering...what's left? I even found a site that takes care of my auto mileage online, which helps.

ALWAYS online?

I know what you're thinking. How do you find a WiFi connection to get online when you are in the middle of the boondocks? Simple. Use your phone as a modem.

To make a long story short, do we need any applications installed on our Internet Tablets when we're on the road? What's left? Maybe a couple games and some full-length movies on an SD card, but that's about it.

Do you use Skype? How often? Any utilities for clients?

Can you think of any offline applications that you truly need on your Nokia?

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