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Keyboard Obsession: What Are The Best Keyboards for Developers?

What are the best keyboards you've owned and remember? Today, I uncover a number of keyboard types and try to find the best one for developers.

Written by Jonathan Danylko • Last Updated: • Develop •
Collection of Keyboards on a floor

Ok, I have something to admit.

Hi...I'm Jonathan and I'm obsessed with keyboards ("Hi Jonathan").

As you know, keyboard skills are absolutely essential in this day and age. If you are using a laptop, desktop, or even a phone for that matter, a speedy and comfortable keyboard is required for you to be at your best.

For developers, it's an absolute must!

Close to a month ago, I brought back a Hanselman classic through a tweet about a programmer's priorities.

Brains, Back, Bytes, and Buns was the post and it definitely rings true for anyone touching a computer for 8-10 hours a day, 40-50 hours a week.

With having a great computer (the Bytes portion), developers also need to be on the lookout for the best keyboard, even if they have a laptop.

As with websites, performance is important. That goes for developer's performance as well ("How fast can you type code into a computer?")

One Week Later

I was reading my morning "newspaper" (through Feedly) and found an interesting post.

Why the Amazon Basics Keyboard is My Favorite Keyboard by Nick Janetakis

After reading through this post, I came to realize...

...I think I already have that keyboard.

So I started digging through the closet and found more than I bargained for.

I found the AmazonBasics Keyboard.

And a wireless Logitech keyboard.

And my iHome Bluetooth IOGear keyboard, a Gearhead keyboard, a rolled up keyboard.

What the...?!

Not to mention my Wekey portable keyboard from a kickstarter (Review)

After laying out all of the keyboards on the floor, I was amazed at how many I accumulated over the years.

I couldn't believe I had all of these keyboards in my closet.

The only type of keyboard missing was a frickin' mechanical keyboard (two reasons: too loud and this reason) ;-)

Which One Do You Use?

My total list of keyboards include:

Collection of Keyboards on a floor (numbered)
  1. Wekey Portable Keyboard (I reviewed this a while ago)
  2. BATTOP Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard (affiliate link)
  3. Omnitech Flexible Keyboard (discontinued)
  4. IOGEAR Long Range 2.4 GHz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, GKM552R (affiliate link)
  5. iHome Bluetooth Keyboard (affiliate link)
  6. GearHead Mini USB Keyboard (affiliate link)
  7. Amazon Basics Keyboard
  8. Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard (affiliate link)

Being more of a mobile developer (clarification: being able to code from anywhere, not an android developer), I'm always on the lookout for a keyboard that balances portability and comfort.

For Mobile Devices

Since I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet, I always prop it up and use the BATTOP Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard (#2) for two reasons:

  1. As the name says, it's portable enough and unfolds into a full keyboard...
  2. ...and it feels comfortable while using it.

While I could use the AmazonBasics Keyboard (#7) with my tablet, my Solo Messenger Bag is already getting filled enough with other necessary gadgets and loading it up with a full-blown USB keyboard is a tough, portable sell.

For Desktop

Ok, I will admit, I did love using the AmazonBasics Keyboard (#7) for all of the reasons Nick explained in his post.

During my desktop years, I was always on the lookout for the best keyboard and I do remember wearing out and then purchasing a new AmazonBasics Keyboard because it did feel more natural and had more bells and whistles.

I would definitely recommend the AmazonBasics Keyboard for desktop use.

And it's VERY cheap as well.

Now...Your Turn

Now, I'm going to turn things over to you.

What is your ideal keyboard for writing code? Is it any one of the keyboards above?

Why do you like your keyboard the best? Is it the separated, ergonomic keyboards? Do you want portability or comfort? or both?

Post your comments below.


As you can see, I could have a garage sale dedicated only to keyboards and not sell out.

I'm continually on the lookout for new and better keyboards because in our line of work, we need to be proficient in extracting code that travels from our gray matter to our fingers.

By the way, if you want to purchase a keyboard from above, let me know. I need to clean out my closet.

So what kind of keyboard do you use? The laptop's keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard connected to your laptop? Or do you use a mechanical keyboard? Post your comments below and let's discuss.

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