Is the .NET Framework installed on this machine?

Guy Vider at The Code Project has some code that detects whether .NET is available on the clients machine or not.

Last Updated: May 25th, 2007 • MVC •

If you build client applications that require the .NET framework, you do realize that you can't install your awesome, brand new .NET application that cleans dishes, sweeps the floors, and streams music through your kitchen because they don't have the .NET Framework on their machine.

How can you detect whether they have the .NET Framework on their machine when your code is written in .NET?

Guy Vider has come up with a way to use a different language to detect whether the .NET framework was installed on a client's machine or not. Apply this technique to your build process and you should be on your way to a flawless installation on a clean machine.

Great technique for developers who deploy professional .NET applications.

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