Christmas Gift and Holiday Guide for 2018

This year, the Christmas Gift Guide is a little shorter, but I made sure these gifts were just for the techies this year!

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A Collection of Brown Gift Bags

Every year, I dig around the Internet and find some of the best techie gadgets and gifts for developers and techie enthusiasts alike. I always try to get my list out before Black Friday and Thanksgiving.

These products aren't just links, they are technology products I feel other developers would like for Christmas. Some of the products I use every day and I endorse them.

This year, the gift ideas for techies has been whittled down to 25 instead of 50.

I was receiving feedback about the lists becoming a little "obese" and not manageable at all. With that said, I decided to try something different this year.

However, in case you do want to browse through the entire list of gift ideas, I still have the previous Christmas Gift and Holiday Ideas from past years on the page.

I've also added the 2018 Holiday ribbon in the right-hand corner of the site for easy access from any page.

Enjoy the list and I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, an eventful Black Friday, and a warm Cyber-Monday.

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