5 Top Gadgets That Are Essential when Traveling

A week ago, I went to Chicago for a day. Guess what I forgot? Here is the essential list of gadgets that you need when traveling out of town.

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Top 5 Essential Travel Gadgets

So there I was, leaving Columbus, Ohio heading to Chicago in the morning. I had my phone, tablet, and notepad...and forgot something. Usually, I always carry a number of items in my messenger bag, but since I was only gone for a day, I didn't take my bag.

When you are on the road for an extended period of time, here are some tools required to keep you running in case you have an emergency.

NOTE: I am excluding your phone, laptop, or tablet. I know these will be strapped to your hip at all times. While traveling, your gadgets should be treated like little kids: They should never be left alone in an airport...EVER!

Here is my short list of 5 gadgets/accessories that should always be in your pocket while traveling.

  1. Cables - (Recommendation: Belkin F3X1724 7-in-1 Retractable Cable Travel Pack - $22.95) 

    Now when I mean cables, I mean two kinds: USB portable cable and an (optional) ethernet cable. I have both of these in my messenger bag. I should have carried both of them with me while traveling. Both are small and handy and can fit in your pocket. I know the ethernet cable is not required, but it's always good to have one just in case.

  2. Battery - (Recommendation: Aduro PowerUp 2600mAh Portable Battery Backup and Flashlight - $9.99)

    I JUST bought a silver battery pack from Groupon so I will be doing a review of this little device later. Over the month, I will be looking over a number of other Battery Packs and report back on my findings.

    To determine the amount of battery you need for your device, I will refer you to How-To-Geek. They have a great Guide on External Battery Packs (nicely done, gentlemen!)

  3. USB Drive (a spare) - (Recommendation: PNY Attaché 32GB - $11.99)

    I always carry a spare with me. The reason? If the person or company I was meeting had a large data file for me, it would just be as easy to copy it onto a USB drive than an email attachment. Trust me, some attachments are not meant to go through email.

    Nowadays, I always carry this PNY Metal 64GB USB Drive with me. It's good enough for what I need. However, I DID find a PNY Turbo 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive. Whoa!

  4. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - (Recommendation: iHome Bluetooth Keyboard - $14.99)

    When I travel with my tablet, I usually don't want to crouch over a virtual keyboard and look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame while trying to write an article.

    Try to get yourself a decent Bluetooth keyboard. If not the iHome Bluetooth Keyboard, get something equally small and portable.

    If you are interested, I did post a video about the review on the iHome Bluetooth Keyboard.

  5. Single or Dual USB Wall Adapter - (2 Port AC Outlet USB Charger Adapter Plug - $3.09)

    If your battery charger dies on you, one other alternative is to carry a USB Wall Adapter and plug it into an outlet at the airport. Depending on how long before your plane takes off, you may be able to get a full charge out of it for the flight.

    I have two in my messenger bag, but as I've said, I didn't have it with me when I left Columbus. :-\

    That'll teach me!


That's my short list of items you absolutely need to carry with you on a car, boat, or plane trip. Most of the gadgets on this list are small enough to put in your pocket and take on a trip (except the keyboard).

When you leave home for a business or leisure trip, make sure you have these items to keep your electronics in working order throughout your traveling time.

What gadgets did I miss on my list? What gadgets do you carry on the plane?

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