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Review: iHome Bluetooth Keyboard

I've had a lot of Bluetooth keyboards in my day. The iHome Bluetooth Keyboard is small enough, has a great feel to it, and doesn't require batteries.

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Review: iHome Bluetooth Keyboard

Ok, seriously, how many of you like your virtual keyboard on your phone or tablet? Anyone?

Try typing an article using a virtual keyboard. Doesn't feel quite right, does it?

Over the years, I've always had a portable keyboard. I've owned a single-foldable keyboard, a long portable keyboard that folds out twice, and I finally settled on the iHome Bluetooth Keyboard (affiliate link) for iPad 1 and 2 and iPhone (IH-IP2101).

Yes, you read that right. I bought a Bluetooth keyboard that was meant for an iPad or iPhone. Let's be honest...if a device has Bluetooth capabilities, it will work with just about any Bluetooth device.

Since I've had my Bluetooth Keyboard, I've used it with my Google Nexus 4 (affiliate link) Phone and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (affiliate link) with no problems.

Overall, as you'll see in the video, I would definitely recommend the keyboard. I've been using it for months and it's still working.

The iHome Bluetooth Keyboard (affiliate link) for iPad 1 and 2 and iPhone (IH-IP2101) retails for $39.99, but at Amazon, it's $14.79.

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Thanks everyone!

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