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4 More Latest Crowdfunders I'm Backing

These are the latest crowdfunding projects I backed and today, I cover how they're holding up and which ones aren't in my hands yet.

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Devices I received from crowdfunding

It's a good thing I'm starting to watch my spending on certain crowdfunding opportunities considering the current situation in the world.

Instead of spending time on Amazon, I spend time on some crowdfunding websites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Backerplanet, and others. I see an interesting gadget, device, or utility and start analyzing whether I feel it's worth grabbing or not.

With my recent arrival of my Solo Messenger Bag, I'm always on the lookout for helpful, compact gadgets and tools (Hey, I was a Boy Scout. "Be Prepared," right?)

Back in 2017, I posted a list of crowdfunding projects I thought were good investments. Some I still have, some I didn't even receive the actual product, but those are the risks you take with the latest and greatest gadgets that aren't even on the market yet and still being manufactured (or not).

I thought I would provide an update to the latest projects I'm backing and let you know whether I received the product/perk or whether I'm still waiting (which I'll mention below).

Pocket-size Cutlery Status: Received

Pocket-size Cutlery

Here is one example where I like having compact tools handy to get things done...including eating.

When eating at work, I was always reaching for the plastic forks/spoons provided by the company. While the convenience was nice, the problem was being aware of disposing of the plastic and how many plastics were not biodegradable in this world.

I ordered two sets: One was a regular set and one was a TSA-approved set for travel. I carry the regular set in my messenger bag for going to work and I order take-out and either forgot the plastic-ware or deliberately didn't want to use the plastic-ware.

The silverware is completely collapsible and made out of stainless steel. All you do is combine your silverware and eat. It even comes in colors.

Of course, you have the clean up afterwards, but honestly, it feels good to not use the plastic.

I received my product and I like the durability of it. I also like how compact it is.

VOLTA Chargers Status: Received

VOLTA Chargers

Who likes plugging in their smartphone or tablet with a lightning, USB-C, or Micro-USB cable? I don't! I feel like I'm going to break off something one day.

This type of charging cable is meant for devices using a Lightning, USB-C, or Micro-USB cable. It takes the small adapter pertaining to the device you have (pictured below the 'Already shipping' truck in the picture) and allows you to plug it into your device.

Notice the common end of the adapter. It's magnetic.

And so are their cables. The flashing part is the magnet as well. This connects to the other magnet plugged into your device and the other end is a USB cable making it easy to plug it into a USB-Outlet Adapter or into your Laptop/Desktop to charge.

I purchased two of them: one Lightning cable pair and one USB-C cable pair. The Lightning cable and adapter was for my wife's iPad. Worked perfectly.

The USB-C cable and adapter was for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Again, it's working perfectly.

Anytime I want to charge my tablet, I set it up and move the magnet close to the adapter and it immediately connects.

Definitely a time-saver and would recommend the VOLTA chargers for people who don't want to futz with spending their time trying to connect a charger to their device.

inCharge 6 Status: Received

inCharge 6

As I said, I always try to "be prepared" and that means finding cables to connect with another device or power charger to get the most juice out of something while on the road.

Enter the inCharge 6 "cable".

Doesn't look like a cable, does it?

inCharge 6 various connection options

The cable is a 6-in-1 universal cable and is extremely compact.

I've got the cable attached in my messenger bag clip and since it's connected together using a powerful magnet, I don't need to worry about losing it.

inCharge 6 also provides dual capability of syncing AND charging for devices.

I used this with my power chargers I purchased with my devices which range from tablets to cell phones to laptops.

This cable performs very well based on what I've done with it so far.

NOIR: Discreet Security Camera and USB Charger Status: Shipping Received (2020-Jun-13)

NOIR: Discreet Security Camera and USB Charger

As the name suggests, it's a 2-in-1 gadget for an outlet, but what a strange combination for a product.

The funny thing about this device is I have a need for it. Let me explain...

Under the garage's soffit, the previous owner placed outlets in the wood so you could hang lights for the holidays. You plug the lights into the outlet outside, flick a light switch, and your lights come on without going out to the garage.

However, the rest of the year, those plugs are just out there. That's where this device comes in.

Plug this into the outlet, and through WiFi, I now have an outside camera looking at the driveway along with a way to plug in USB lights for the season.

While I haven't received it yet, one of the reasons for the delay could be the Coronavirus which is understandable.

I feel this will definitely come in handy.


With the amount of crowdfunding websites out there, I'm surprised I haven't said "Here's my paycheck...Shut up and take my money!"

I always love "window shopping" for gadgets that haven't hit the market yet, but you're on the list to receive them. It's kind of like Christmas when you received it in the mail.

There are a lot of individuals/companies making innovative gadgets in this technology-driven world and it seems the crowdfunding sites support those innovative and creative minds.

Do you have a favorite gadget on a crowdfunding site? Do you want me to test out a gadget? Post your comments and let's discuss.

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