Will Flash developers approach 6 figures?

With Flash on 98% of all browsers, Flash developers are making a killing already. Will the Wii push the salaries even further?

Last Updated: January 2nd, 2007 • Opinion •

After reading a recent post on FlashDen about Flash developer salaries on the rise, I began to think about how the recent development of Adobe Flash on the Nintendo Wii may take the developer's salaries even higher still. I've noticed a lot of people starting to create their design guides and techniques for the Wii.

Since I've purchased the Wii for Christmas, I've connected the Wii to the Internet and fully understand that if a game is multiplayer, Wii users will be able to play over the Internet. Again, if the game supports it.

After connecting to the Internet, the possibilities are now endless. The Wii uses Opera as their internal browser and if Opera is used, guess what? Flash applications are available through the browser. If Flash developers take their "game" one step higher, they will be able to distribute their games through the Wii console.

Based on the high-quality Flash games I've seen lately, Flash developers could make a killing. As a matter of fact, here is the first Flash-based Wii game called Balloons.

Ok, take it one step further. Work out a deal with Nintendo to automatically convert the Flash games into Wii CD's or offer them through the Virtual Console or online store. Can you say "revenue generator?" :-)

One things for sure. This is definitely a great time to be a Flash developer.

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