Where did you put your Nintendo Wii?

Those upgrading from a GameCube to Nintendo Wii...Where are you putting it?

Last Updated: December 21st, 2006 • Opinion •

Do you know how long I've been holding out to write this post?

My wife stood in line for an hour back in October just to place a deposit down at the local GameStop and to guarantee we would receive a brand new Nintendo Wii this year. I nonchalantly walked into the store on November 19th, asked for the Wii, and left without a huge rush.

Yes, we got one.

Even though I'm more of a PC fan instead of a console fan (That's another story in itself), my son will be getting a Wii on Christmas Day. I don't know who is more excited, though, him or me, despite the fact I love PC's more than a console.

My son previously had a Nintendo GameCube. Upgrading to a Wii is going to be interesting. We may need to rethink about where everything is located. We have an old love seat that my son and his buddies sit on. Now with the Wii, we need to move it...somewhere....because this may get more...ummm...physical? And with the recall on the Wii-mote strap, this may cause some issues.

Do people dedicate an entire room to a game console (Wii) where you need a full room with no furniture to fully participate in the experience instead of sitting on your butt and the only movement are the eyes and your thumbs (GameCube)?

Where did you put your Wii? In a separate room? Same place as your GameCube? Let me know.

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