What's the best color for your web site?

Do you know what color will look best on your web site? Hrvoje Livnjak wrote an article about determining how to do that.

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Please, let me ask you a simple question:

Have you ever visited a web site with those terrible color combinations?

Let's be honest:" Yes, You probably have." :-)

I think that you will agree with me when I say that there are so many websites out there that have yellow text on a gray background and so on.

Do you want to people hurt their eyes with your web site, or do you want to view it with ease?

I think that you will agree with the second option!

Now, You probably wonder why am I telling you all of this?

Number 1: Hurting your visitors eyes is not nice.


Number 2: Your visitor reaction on terrible color combination will be negative and your visitor will run away. ( you will lose potential sale )

So, don't make this mistakes with your website. Take time to carefully plan which colors you'll use for text, backgrounds and links.

I will share a little secret with you here...

Did You know that you can increase your site's efficiency by paying attention to your color scheme?

Another thing to consider is the color of emotions. Colors evoke emotions using what is called "color psychology".

For example, white is often used to symbolize good. Purple is often used to symbolize royalty. And the most universal of them all is green, which often symbolizes money.

I made a list of some colors and their positive and negative sides:

  1. Red Positive: passion, strength, love Negative: danger, anger
  2. Blue Positive: stability, peace, confidence Negative: coldness, depression
  3. Green Positive: nature, wealth Negative: jealousy, greed
  4. Yellow Positive: sunlight, joy Negative: hazards, cowardice, dishonesty
  5. Orange Positive: energy, enthusiasm, playfulness Negative: warning, fire
  6. White Positive: purity, peace, security Negative: sterility, defeat
  7. Purple Positive: elegance, creativity, nobility Negative: arrogance, confusion
  8. Black Positive: power, sophistication, elegance Negative: evil, mourning

The goal of your web site and you is to connect with the public. What's a better way to connect than emotionally? Color can help accomplish that goal. By choosing the colors of your website based on color psychology, you can increase your sales.

So, go ahead and try various color combinations, but remember the colors you choose may have great impact on your business.

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Hrvoje Livnjak is direct response graphic designer and internet marketer ! He creates quality graphics, which actually increase your website sales. He is recognised as an expert in his field by leading experts in different markets. Check out his work at http://www.ecoverslab.com

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