What books are in your library?

Do you have a favorite next to your monitor while you program?

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Every developer has at least one reference book handy standing up next to their monitor or within hands reach.

As you can see, the books above I have are as follows:

  • JavaScript Pocket Reference (affiliate link) - A while ago, I bought the JavaScript Bible. Two months before AJAX became popular (around December), I sold it on Half.com. That figures. :-) So I'm "making do" with the pocket reference.
  • C# Pocket Reference (affiliate link) - Those darn Regular Expressions keep me on my toes and this pocket reference definitely comes in handy at times.
  • Design Patterns in C# (affiliate link) - One of the best books that follows suit to the wildly famous Design Patterns (affiliate link) book. This hardback has 23 design patterns for C# and is used on occasion.
  • Joel On Software (affiliate link)(and that long title name) - Joel Spolsky is a famous Micro-ISV and has learned many lessons from being at Microsoft and programming on his own for so many years. This book (and others) are made as a tome for programmers. Great reading! Thank you, Joel.
  • The Daily Drucker (affiliate link)

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