Twas the 'Net before Christmas

Here's a little spin on the classic story, but just a little bit updated for our time.

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Twas the net before Christmas

On Christmas Eve (around 11:00p), I was feeling a little creative and decided to take the classic "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and update it...just a bit.

I still love the classic, though!

I hope everyone gets what they wish for this Christmas...and that includes world peace.


Twas the 'Net Before Christmas

Twas the 'Net before Christmas
and all through the house
Not a device was active
Not even the PC's mouse

With everyone going to bed
and Internet websites going viral,
We tucked the children in,
awaiting for St. Nicholas's arrival.

While sliding into bed,
and laying my head to rest,
we said our prayers
and realized we were blessed

All of the sudden,
I heard something thump,
I jumped out of bed
and almost fell on my rump.

Did I hear something fall?
Was it for real?
Or did I imagine it
I didn't know what to feel.

I put on my slippers and robe
and quietly went downstairs
passing the garland on the banister
lined with fake apples and pears

As I hit the last step
to determine the cause
I had to rub my eyes,
I knew who it was, I paused.

There by the fireplace
was a man dressed in red
with white trim around his boots
and a festive red hat for his head.

He carried a large sack
with all kinds of toys
as he filled the stockings
for all good girls and boys.

As I stood there amazed,
I noticed something odd,
Santa looked puzzled
and finally gave a nod.

With a turn of his head
and a smile from his beard,
he reached behind his back
and a small device appeared.

As he turned it on,
He spoke into the device,
The sack slowly grew
with toys and board games with dice.

Did he use the 'Net
to fill his sack?
Or ask his elves to find toys
that weren't in his pack?

As he finished, he turned
and what did I see?
Santa had upgraded and used the 'Net,
What else could it be?

His cheeks turned red
as he started to smile,
He laughed while his belly
kept giggling all the while.

"While the 'Net is amazing,
truth be told,
I was asking my elves to send the toys down
it was way too cold."

"So you don't use the 'Net"
I asked being sincere,
as he smiled again
and pulled me near.

"While I always believed
the Internet was great,
Sometimes the old ways
are the best ways to date."

"With the Internet always on,
some people forget,
to disconnect, enjoy Christmas,
gathered with close family and friends you've met."

As he finished his thought
I turned around to see
my family coming down the stairs
wondering what the noise could be.

"It's Santa," I exclaimed,
"he's here. Right over there"
as I pointed to nothing but a filled stocking
"He was here...I swear."

As my family gathered around the room
I slowly approached the window to view
The full moon rising in the distance
with a silhouette of Santa and his crew.

I heard him say
as he rode out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night!"

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas to all of my readers, friends, and family. I love and cherish you all.

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