Top 10 Signs You Have an Insecure Web App

How do you know if you web application is secure or not?

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New web applications are built every day, but how many go through rigorous security tests? I'm going to say not too many (Am I right?).

I've always developed with security built into the application from the ground up, whether it be a web application or a fat client. Security has always been, and will always be, a major concern in developing applications either for the web or for client applications that require it.

Since AJAX appeared, security is becoming more and more of a concern than ever before. talks about how using AJAX with security is no different from building a fat client application from days past.

They also mention in the article, which coincides with my next link (I swear!), about the Top 10 signs you have an insecure web app (Does this mean the web application doesn't feel good about itself?) :-)

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