The Ultimate Guide to USB Flash Drives

This three-part guide will take you through what to look for in a USB Flash Drive, where to buy one, and what kind of software to install.

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USB Flash Drives are what I consider to be the floppy drives of the millennium. Most everyone is using a USB Flash Drive for either transporting documents from one location to another or they are using it for a utility of some kind.

This series will cover as much as possible about USB Flash Drives. I'll break the series into three parts.

  • Part I will cover why you need a USB Flash Drive and the different types of USB drives available.

  • Part II will cover where to purchase your USB Flash drives, what to look for in a USB drive, and how to look for the best deals.

  • Part III will be what to store on your USB Flash Drive and how to use it to it's fullest capacity.

So let's get started with Part I.

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