The Psychology of Colors in your Business

How does your business portray your image with its use of colors?

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When you first started your business, you created a logo, correct? Your design was perfect, your by-line was right on, but what about your colors?

The colors used in your business as well as your logo, project an image to your clients about your personal business style. Most of your business style will extend from your personality to show potential clients that you really want to do business with them.

For example, you'll notice that DCS-Media's primary color is blue. According to the science of colors, blue projects the image of Loyalty, Peace, and Trustworthiness as well as a sense of neutrality.

So what are your primary colors in your business? Does the color of your logo or web site present itself as a warm site or frigid as a air conditioner in Summer (which isn't a bad thing right now since its 95 degrees today)?

What color does your site or logo pertain to?


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