The one characteristic a developer needs for a successful career!

How can you weed out the good developers from the fair developers? Look at these signs to find out and find out which one trumps them all.

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After reading a recent post about How To Rate A Software Developer, I realize that each and every company has their own way of finding out how good a programmer is.

But one thing that stands out that will always be evident in all quality developers is Miguel Carrasco's bonus tip he mentioned at the end of the post: Passion!

In my opinion, all 15 tips are definitely top-notch for you to catapult yourself into management, but there are two reasons why some developers would be adverse to use these tips:

  1. If a manager notices that a developer does exceptional work in the company , he promotes them into management. At that point, developers have lost their programming skills because they need to focus on their management skills. Most developers I know would rather develop as opposed to manage.
  2. As Miguel and I said: Passion! Developers love to write code! It's in their blood. Its what they do!

Passion trumps all of the other tips. If you don't enjoy what you you're doing, it won't shine through when you code an application or web site.

And this doesn't just apply to programming, it applies to any career: Do what you love!

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