Small Business News Briefs - January 15, 2007

Inventors seem to be getting a lot of attention lately. Here are some news briefs to push you more into developing a product.

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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening (It's evening somewhere, right?)

Everyone should already know about the acquisition of eBay buying StubHub ("Where fans buy and sell tickets"), but I'll just make a mention of it here. It's a great stepping stone for eBay and as the article suggests, "It's a natural transition for eBay."

Since Jeff Flur was paid $310 million for his StubHub site (Wow!), you may be wondering how do I create something to that effect? The key to making a cool millions is to follow some key steps. Tamara  Monosoff at has a great article about Reinventing the Inventor. Her key points make the article a good read if you want to take your invention to the next level.

Don't know if your invention or product has any steam to it? Read How do you create a hit product by Richard Thalheimer. Mr. Thalheimer is the founder of The Sharper Image. If anyone can create a product that works, it's this man.

After you get your invention up and running, the next step is finding some funding. InfoWorld talks about VCs tracking emerging technologies and how they can help your invention come to fruition. And as they indicate in the article, CES was a great stepping stone if you had something worth promoting.

Can't find the motivation to move towards your goals? Maybe you need to organize your time using either the Goal Setting Toolkit or use the Getting Things Done mentality. The Getting Things Done 2007 compilation has been built by 43 folders and has a great collection of Getting Things Done articles.

If you eventually get started with your product, you will need to focus on certain priorities for your company. ByteStart in the UK shows what the top priorities for an entrepreneur should be. My favorite is the exit strategy. Make sure you have one. ;-)

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