Remembrance of 9/11

Do you remember where you were when the 9/11 disaster occurred?

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Five years after the devastation of 9/11, I can still remember what I was doing down to the minute.

When I heard the news, I immediately called my family members and asked if everything was OK. After a confirmation call, I started scrounging for news and footage. As you would expect, news web sites were overloaded and started crashing because of the amount of hits they were receiving that day.

After five years, the saying "Always Remember, Never Forget!" still echos again and again in peoples' minds. I still see people around the Columbus, OH area who have posters at their place of business of the firefighters and policemen from 9/11 with a slogan at the bottom that says "always remember."

But one thing keeps bothering me about 9/11.

One of my friends kept telling me that he wouldn't travel anymore because of 9/11. To this day, he still feels that way.

Even after five years.

All of us has one friend or acquaintance who feels this way. I keep telling my friend if he's not going to travel anymore, then congratulations, the terrorists have won. Psychologically, they have beaten you.

This is why the human spirit is so enduring and everlasting. There is absolutely nothing that should keep you down. You live your life and continue to enjoy it every single day...

...because you never know what may happen the next.

There were some images I received through email a while back. Below are some of them regarding 9/11.

God bless and never forget!

terrorism Statue of liberty Firehat Political Unity Militarys Turn Twin Towers Before and After Uncle Sam with Fireman Eagle sharpening talons Uncle Sam General Schwartz Never Forget

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