Radio Shack uses e-mail to fire employees

After reading this, I have very little respect for Radio Shack now.

Last Updated: August 31st, 2006 • Opinion •

I just found out about this and it happened on Tuesday morning and I am in shock.

On Tuesday, Radio Shack sent e-mails to 400 employees and digitally fired them. The e-mail read "The work force reduction notification is currently in progress. Unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated."

It seems the digital age is truly taking our humanity away from us. Just because we can do things digitally doesn't mean we should. Catching wind of a layoff is one thing, but receiving an e-mail on a Tuesday morning saying "your fired" without any human interaction whatsoever is about as low as a company can get. How demoralizing and cold! It's bad enough letting 400 people go, but doing it electronically is just plain wrong! I still wonder if Radio Shack really understands what they've done.

Radio Shack executives and supervisors, I understand talking to 400 people over a period of time is a lot of minutes in an executive and supervisors day, but a company that doesn't show a certain compassion or work ethic towards their employees when in such a turmoil, at this point, don't expect it in return from your employees.

Heck, your employees are probably already looking.

UPDATE: It seems the link is dead. Makes me wonder if Radio Shack pulled the post from the news site. Anyway, here's an additional link here and here.

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