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The programming industry is definitely booming, but a lot of people are asking, "Is this another bubble ready to pop?"

It could be, but I think we are smarter this time around. VCs aren't throwing money at every idea without a business plan.

If you are an independant software developer (as I am), you may start receiving calls from more head hunters and notice some employees are starting to command higher salaries.  The market is continuing to pick up.

To prove this point, InfoWorld reported that tech workers have the highest wages in the U.S. and Robert Half Technology recently released their 2006 Salary Guide on their site.

Guess what type of tech workers have the highest salary?

Yep, programmers and analysts. Of course, if you're in IT Management, then yes, you will command a bigger salary.

Personally, I'm happy right where I'm at. :-)

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When asked what he likes to do in his spare time, he replies, "Programming."

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