OpenAJAX Alliance promotes Developer Standards through web site

OpenAJAX Alliance created an entire web site dedicated to AJAX development standards

Last Updated: October 2nd, 2006 • Develop •

The OpenAJAX Alliance has recently created a web site to establish standard JavaScript  functionality across the board using an OpenAJAX Hub.

The number of companies who joined this alliance are vast. Some of the companies forming the alliance are big names such as Adobe, Mozilla, Novell, Google, and IBM (There are 56 companies!). There is one that is missing from the list. Hmmm...

The OpenAJAX Alliance whitepaper (PDF) discusses some of the common functions and architectures of AJAX. There was one item I noticed they didn't cover was security using AJAX. The word isn't even in the document. Is this going to be addressed in the future? Will this be part of the OpenAJAX Alliance to determine what security measures will be taken when making asynchronous calls to the server and how it will be handled?


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