Nintendo Wii supports Flash 7!

All Web Developers! Take notice!

Last Updated: December 28th, 2006 • Develop •

For those who haven't heard yet, Flash 7 is supported in the Nintendo Wii.

This means that if you develop Adobe (previously Macromedia) Flash applications, you don't have to change anything for your Flash applications to work on the Wii.

Aral Balkin reports on his findings about integrating Flash into the Wii and trust me, it's worth looking into this post. The reason its so easy is because the Nintendo Wii has an Opera-based browser built into the console and supports Flash 7.

If anytime was a great time to learn Flash, now is the time. With the Nintendo Wii overpowering the PS3, you can make a killing developing your own original online Flash-based games.

Take your mark and.....GO! :-)

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