Microsoft Announces .NET Framework 3.0

Microsoft releases version 3.0 of their .NET framework.

November 7th, 2006 • MVC •
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InfoWorld has information on Microsoft releasing their newest .NET framework 3.0 to the masses. They are also touting that it will work with Visual Studio 2005.

I know a lot of companies that are still on 1.1 and haven't moved towards 2.0. I sense a parallel between OS's and development tools, meaning companies that are still using Windows 2000, will be forced to upgrade their OS just to stay ahead of the pack. How convenient that Vista is right around the corner.

This is Microsoft's way of nudging everyone up into a newer OS or framework.

Anywho, to download the .NET 3.0 Framework, you need to have Windows XP or Vista. It will not work on Windows 2000. So if you're eager to download the newest 3.0 framework, have at it!

The Release Notes for .NET 3.0 Framework is more like a troubleshooting/FAQ document than a "here's what's new" document.

And if anyone has located a "What's New in .NET 3.0" document, please let me know and I'll updated this entry.

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