Judge compares surfing at work to using a telephone

Is the Internet taken as a common day-to-day habit now?

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Most businesses should take this as a clue as to how common the usage of the Internet is in the workplace. Ars Technica posted the article about this case.

Take me, for example, as a professional programmer.

I personally use Google/Google Groups as my personal knowledge base for determining code /driver problems, Google Calendar to keep track of my personal events ("Ohhhh....THAT anniversary!"), Google Reader for RSS feeds that keep me on top of new code and technology news, and even Google News for keeping up to date on current events. Just because I use those, and many other sites on a daily basis, doesn't mean that I'm "goofing off" and surfing looking for nudie pictures.

Moving forward, will blogging in the future become as common as using the Internet or is that stretching the boundaries between business and personal blogging? What if its business blogging? Will that be allowed?

Talk to me! :-)

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