JavaScript Error: No Such Interface Supported Solved

For everyone who has had problems with this JavaScript issue, I've found a solution!

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If you've used JavaScript with Internet Explorer extensively, you know that there is a nasty little dialog box that shows its ugly head once in a while called "No Such Interface Supported" (NSIS).

Really informative error message, isn't it?

I was attempting to open a window using the method in JavaScript. Every time it tried to use the method, it displayed the NSIS error message. Grrrr.

Well, after ripping more hair out of my head, I came across a simple solution to the problem. The site isn't anything elaborate, but it solved my "No Such Interface Supported" problem completely.

Register two DLL's using RegSvr32: actxprxy.dll and shdocvw.dll. After you register those two DLL's, reboot your computer and try it again. The message should disappear.

Those of you who are getting this same error message, I hope the search engines pick this up and announce it wildly. It's an easy fix to a not-so-common problem.


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