Is StringBuilder faster than String Concatenation?

Do you know when to use a StringBuilder as opposed to a string concatenation?

Last Updated: October 1st, 2007 • MVC •

Most of the time, I've seen everyone using string concatenation (i.e. "The quick brown"+"fox") when creating their strings in C# or VB.NET. As a matter of fact, every interviewer I've talked to has asked me that same question:

If you were to concatenate a string, which would be faster? A StringBuilder class or just using the "+" to create your string?

Of course, I would say the StringBuilder class.

But one individual has taken it a step further and have proven that the StringBuilder is not always as fast as everyone says it is.

Chinh Do has a two-part post about how StringBuilder is not always faster and that string concatenation could provide a better performance...under certain circumstances.

The article is a must read for .NET developers who want to put the brakes on this programming myth.

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