Is Nokia becoming the next Palm?

Nokia's N-Series is fast becoming a road warrior's companion.

Last Updated: October 25th, 2007 • Mobile •
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Recently, I purchased a Nokia N800 for my mobile needs and found that there is an entire family of mobile devices. But after playing around with my Nokia N800, I'm beginning to realize that even though the hardware is there, the software isn't.

What I mean by the software is that it's not the operating system. It's the third-party community. There needs to be more software developed for the Maemo operating system. Heck, I'm still waiting for an MS Office package on the N800 (isn't OpenOffice available?)

Earlier this year, I owned a Palm T3 and being a truly committed individual to Palm, I waited to see which direction Palm was taking. It seems Palm is heading towards a smartphone mentality. A smartphone just wasn't practical for my needs (I like my devices separate).

But after six months of research and waiting, I took the plunge and purchased the Nokia N800. That opened my eyes and I started seeing other Nokia devices popping up that focus on mobility and functionality, such as the Nokia N95 with the Mobile Journalism Toolkit (Ref: CNet as well) or the new Nokia N810 with the attached keyboard.

In the grand scheme of things, I know Nokia is trying to compete with Apple and the iPhone/iTouch and they are doing an exceptional job with the N-Series of devices, but I also think they are focusing on someone else at this point.

If they can take out another mobile competitor along the way, they just might do it.

Anyone have additional thoughts on this particular direction Nokia is taking?

UPDATE: Even thought this is not a PDA or an iPhone copy, it is considered primarily as an portable Internet Tablet device.

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