Humor: Top 10 Reasons Why Microsoft Stopped The XBox Team From Finishing Vista.

It would've been funny if it were true.

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A while back, there was an article about how Microsoft pulled developers from the XBox team to help resolve many Microsoft Vista problems.

However, according to Microsoft, this really didn't happen...but what if it did? How could the XBox programmers make the OS better? Here's how...

  1. Instead of rebooting with Ctrl-Alt-Del, you would hit left-left-right-up-down on your controller.
  2. The required video hardware for a Vista installation is a $3,000 graphics card.
  3. Outlook is renamed to the Little Black Book.
  4. The startup screen reads, "Microsoft Windows Vista-palooza"
  5. When saving your PowerPoint presentation, you hear, "You call that a presentation?"
  6. The administrative and security area is called "Vista-cuffs."
  7. The Control Panel is renamed to "Game Options."
  8. Your Excel spreadsheet is now multi-player compatible.
  9. Instead of Clippy helping you compose a letter in Word, Master Chief from Halo recommends just ditching the letter and shooting the recipient.
  10. Everytime you launch Internet Explorer, you hear the blue E say, "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

If anyone has any other "features", let me know below. :-)

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