How to know what ideas to pursue

Do you have a lot of good ideas, but don't know which ones are good ones?

Last Updated: July 5th, 2006 • HowTo •

Most people don't know a good or bad idea when it bites them on the rear-end. I've heard it all before:

"Nah, someone already did that. My product won't fly."

"I don't have enough time." (my favorite)

"No one wants that. Who would use that?"

There are countless excuses, but what makes the difference between a good idea and a bad idea is passion. How passionate are you about your idea? Can you explain it to someone and get the point across of how it functions?

Most people see it in my eyes when I talk about a certain technique or computer gizmo or programming idea. They see the fire starting.

If you are still wondering if you have a good idea or not, SitePoint has an article on How to know what ideas to pursue. The article has four tips on how to determine if you have a good idea.

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