How to hire the right people to represent your company

Hire the right individuals to represent the culture and intentions of the company.

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As you mold your business and provide services to clients, your company will grow larger. That is a fact of life. At one point, you'll need to hire people in helping you achieve your companies goal. But hire the right people.

In some ways, a family is definitely like a business. Let me explain.

My son had a recent experience (translation: argument) with some of his friends and the parents of the one child were brought into the mix. As we were discussing what happened, I noticed a lot of similar behaviors between the parent and their child. The child was almost copying the same actions of the parents and yelling when it was their cue. In the end, the entire situation was blown out of proportion and wound up being a complete misunderstanding.

Afterwards, we went into the house and my son asked why they were acting like that. I responded, "because that's the way they choose to represent their family."

One of the things that I keep instilling on my son (and family) is that when you "live" with a group of individuals for a very long time, you tend to notice certain behaviors and qualities that rub off or mimic the other individuals of the group. If you go out into the world and act a certain way, that behavior is reflected on how you were raised.

This perspective can easily be applied to the interaction between your employees and clients.

When you hire the right person and that person interacts with clients, word should get back to  you on how they're treating the customer. The employees that you hire represent your company's image. If they've work with you for a while, naturally, you'll trust them more with acquiring new clients and supporting existing clients and you move towards "bringing them up right."

Now, if your new hire sees you in action of how you treat clients and you demoralize, argue, or treat your clients bad every time you meet them, guess who's watching what you do? Trust me, I've seen it happen before. If your new hire doesn't like the manner you treat clients, they may leave rather quickly. Oh, and take some of your clients with them.

However, if your new hire sees the proper way of treating people, provided you're treating them right, the new hires may start picking up your habits of providing that "special touch" to clients, which is exactly what you want.

That, in turn, will have an effect on whether your business lives on or becomes isolated.

I hire people brighter than me and then I get out of their way.

- Lee Iacocca

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