How to build a Skype Server for your home phone system

If you have a PC sitting around at home, you can convert it into a Skype phone system and cut the cord.

Last Updated: November 15th, 2006 • HowTo •

After building my custom TiVo, I started looking at the phone bill. Hmmm...How can I create a phone system? I swear, there are times in my life when things are put in front of me for a reason.

Andrew Sheppard over at Linux Journal posted an article about how to Build a Skype Server for your home phone system. For those who don't know what Skype is, bottom line: it's a free Vonage. According to the article, the Linux phone system has saved him about $700 for an entire year or 82% off his current phone bill. I'm up for that!

Based on the requirements for the project, you really don't need very much to get started. Andrew takes you through the process by buying a new computer. Don't freak out! It's gotta be a dirt cheap PC and have very little (compared to todays standard machines) power.

Check it out! I think this may be my next weekend project. Stay tuned and I'll post on it L8R.


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