Does every project have to be half-fast?

Does every project have to move at the speed of thought? Only when implemented properly.

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When customers ask me to build a website for them, I do my homework, find out what they want, who their target audience is, and start reviewing all of the details to design a web site. After talking to the customer about everything I've documented, I mention that it will take x number of months to complete this project.

At this point, I receive the "Look of Disbelief."

All designers and developers know what I'm talking about. You know, when someone looks at you as if to say, "why is it going to take you x months to make a web site?"

Through my career of programming, I've run across individuals who've built many programs and/or web sites in no time flat. They handed the final product over to the client and the client started working with it.

At first, the customer may be impressed with how fast a program/web site was developed, but there may be three problems that may occur:

  1. There is an error with the product (web or program) and it doesn't work as expected, so more down time is involved with fixing the issue ("I can fix that quick")
  2. Something was missing from the product at launch, or
  3. You don't have a designer/developer (vendor) any more. They went out of business.

I understand this is the Information Age and everyone wants it yesterday, but you can't speed through projects like you are in a programming competition.

Maybe I'm just hyped up on caffeine and off on a rant right now, but building a web site at the speed of thought just because you want a web site quick isn't the best way to attract customers. Take your time, understand what your clients want, and you'll most definitely receive repeat business.

I would rather move fully-slow on a project as opposed to doing everything half-fast!

Jonathan Danylko

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When asked what he likes to do in his spare time, he replies, "Programming."

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