Creating your own Creative Suite

Do you really need to purchase a $1,000 suite if you have all of the applications at your fingertips?

Last Updated: April 30th, 2007 • Opinion •

A lot has changed over the past years with applications. Lately, Microsoft and Adobe are at each other and Adobe just released their new Creative Suite 2 of applications since the acquisition of Macromedia.

If you've purchased any Macromedia products, you'll notice that their upgrade path is a little steep, but provides you with an ample amount of applications to accomplish any print or web design/development you need.

ZDNet in the U.K. has a great article on rolling your own Creative Suite. The timing of this article, in my opinion, arrives at a great time when Adobe released their Creative Suite this month. I was torn between upgrading from Macromedia Studio 8 to the next version, but looked at the upgrade price and pratically fell off my chair.

If you're looking for an alternative to Adobe's Creative Suite 2, you may want to examine some of the quality applications listed in the article.

I know I have about four of them already. Is there a reason I would want to upgrade?

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