Confessions of an IT pro: My nine biggest professional blunders

An IT professional confesses to some of his blunders throughout his career.

Last Updated: July 13th, 2006 • General •

Ok, everyone...fess up. How many of you have done at least one of these?

(Raising hand)

Yes, I have as well. posted the article, "Confessions of an IT pro: My nine biggest professional blunders," and they are sooo true. These are definitely lessons learned as to how technology can sneak up on you and hit you when your not looking.

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Jonathan Danylko is a freelance web architect and avid programmer who has been programming for over 20 years. He has developed various systems in numerous industries including e-commerce, biotechnology, real estate, health, insurance, and utility companies.

When asked what he likes to do in his spare time, he replies, "Programming."

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