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Trying to figure out how to become a better developer? Rob Walling has some suggestions.

Last Updated: November 30th, 2006 • Develop •

We all strive to become better programmers, but one of the more notable things we should strive for is to learn from everyone.

Well, I found someone who has the same beliefs as I do. Rob Walling, over at Software By Rob, has a great series of articles about becoming a better developer (Part 1 starts here). The series is broken into the following articles:

  • Part 1: Making Fans
  • Part 2: Know Your Core Competencies
  • Part 3: Enjoy the Panorama
  • Part 4: Know What You're Building
  • Part 5: Don't Use a Dull Knife
  • Part 6: Become a Manager
  • Part 7: The Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Part 8: Know Your Archetype
  • Part 9: How to Criticize a Software Developer Without Getting Punched
  • Part 10: What Do Your Colleagues Think of You?

I especially like Part 9. It added a little humor to the series. :-)

Great series, Rob!

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